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964448_88345676Celebrate Your Vibrant, World-Changing Spirit

You changed the world on the day you were born and  you’ve been changing it ever since.  Together, let’s celebrate what’s wonderful in you, your life and your heart’s work and peel back the layers to reveal even more of your singular essence and mission.

Create More Freedom, Wholeness and Wellness in Your Lifefeather-1455543-1-m

The focus is 100% on you. What are your goals? What are your challenges? Let’s find the solutions together, drawing on my two decades of training and experience in the healing arts.  My specialty is addressing the hidden energetic leaks, blockages and bonds that are interfering with the fullest, highest expression of who you are in your work and in all of your life, and supporting you in developing a deeper, stronger connection to your innate wisdom, vitality and purpose.

1404891_41894591Join Me for a Complimentary Seminar & Group Healing Session 

I offer a Shared Learning & Healing call each month. All you need in order to participate is a willing heart and telephone or a computer with internet access. To access these events, sign up for Healing Letters and you’ll receive occasional mailings with links to the monthly event, reflections on seasonal wellness for you and your heart’s work along with stories from Turtle Hill, my rustic 1925 home in the Great Plains.

 Individual & Group Programs  

Each of these programs is offered only rarely – additional information is coming soon.  As group programs are kept intimate in size and individual programs are available on a very limited basis, early registration is recommended – available first to Healing Letters subscribers.

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