Warm welcome to you,

Thank you for visiting and for the connection we share through this site.

There have been some new developments I’d like to share with you.

After three years of sabbatical, wise counsel came to me recently in a dream, bringing longed-for clarity concerning the future of my practice.

Coming in Autumn of 2019, I’ll once again offer bodywork along with meditation, mindfulness, Qigong, and Chinese nutrition classes, all offered on a sliding scale basis to reach those who can most benefit, no matter what your financial means may be (I also accept honey, bags of rice, hand made things, excellent rocks, or freshly picked flowers from your garden).

I will also offer remote energy healing once again to kindred spirits around the world, whom I have greatly missed during my hiatus.

Online classes will also be available.

Since 2016, I’ve been on sabbatical, undergoing intensive therapy to address a trauma I sustained, which was followed soon after by the dissolution of nearly every structure in my life.

I have been deeply changed by these experiences and by the real work of therapy.

Finding the way forward has taken much effort and more time than anticipated.

What I offer to you is the fruit of deep learning and change and the sincere desire of my heart to support you in loving, accepting, nourishing, and transforming your own being through this season of life, in whichever form you may find it.

Peace and much love to you.

Rätsel (Yanna) Loam