About Yanna

Stress Management specialist, Folk healer, Multisensory Intuitive


This year marks a deep change in my practice and a return to my roots, focusing on grassroots wellness and spirit work.

Additionally, all of my classes, group healing events, and workshops are now offered as Gifts, free of charge.

I gratefully accept donations so that I may continue to teach and facilitate healing full time. Donation buttons are located at the bottom of this web page.




Yanna Loam has worked with clients from six continents, from many walks of life and in every stage of life and health during her 20+ years of healing arts practice.

Her studies and practice over the years have included energy kinesiology, vibrational medicine, Western manual therapies, East and Southeast Asian body therapies, birth work, palliative and hospice care, herbalism, aromatherapy, meditation, and hypnosis.

For three years, she served as a peer counselor in an international outreach to survivors of spiritual, ritual, and sexual abuse, as well as abuses within the health care system.

Having privately experienced and utilized "second sight" since childhood, in 2014 she began openly offering her abilities as a multisensory intuitive.

Yanna conducts group healing events, workshops, and classes both regionally in the United States and virtually for her clients worldwide. 

She makes her home in St. Louis, Missouri, near the site of the ancient city of Cahokia and the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi rivers.


Aromatherapy & Herbalism

  • Eaglesong Randall, Ravencroft Herbs
  • Jade Shutes, Institute for Dynamic Aromatherapy (now School for Aromatic Studies)
  • Nephyr Jacobsen, LMT, The Naga Center
  • Charles Duff, Betsy Trapasso, Thai Bodywork School for Thai Massage

Asian Bodywork Therapies

  • Charles Duff, Betsy Trapasso, Thai Bodywork School of Thai Massage
  • Nephyr Jacobsen, LMT, The Naga Center
  • Zen Shiatsu Chicago

Birth Work

  • Penny Simkin, PT, Doulas of North America, Seattle Midwifery School
  • Kalena Babeshoff, Foundation for Healthy Family Living, International Association for Infant Massage
  • Penny Simkin, PT, Childbirth Education Association of Seattle
  • International Childbirth Education Association
  • Association of Labor Assistants & Childbirth Educators
  • Seattle Home Maternity Service

Energy Work & Vibrational Medicine

  • Norma Harnack, RN, Massage & Energy Connections College of Applications
  • Dr. John Thie, DC, Touch for Health Foundation & International Kinesiology College
  • Minnie Hein, BioSynergetix
  • Barbara McDaniel (now Ven. Thubten Chonyi)
  • Dawn Silver, DN, Jewels of the Lotus


  • Rev. William Mitchell, CHI, Mitchell Institute of Professional Hypnosis, National Guild of Hypnotists
  • Hypnosis Motivation Institute
  • American Hypnosis Association
  • International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy


  • Aura Wellness Center
  • International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy

Western Massage & Bodywork

  • Norma Harnack, RN, Massage & Energy College of Applications
  • Heide Brenneke, Pat Archer, Dale Perry, Hannah Hanlon and LMT Staff, Brenneke School of Massage
  • Upledger Institute
  • New School for Massage, Bodywork and Healing
  • Ariana Institute
  • Institute for Integrative Healthcare


Many of us think that happiness is not possible in the present moment...If we keep running away into the future, we cannot be in touch with the many wonders of life - we cannot be in the present moment where there is healing, transformation, and joy.
— Thich Nhat Hanh