Energetic Transformation Tools for Healers & Creatives

Flowing harmoniously with the natural cycles of the Earth, our Solar System, our Galaxy and Beyond, deep healing and deep relationship are yours to claim and to experience.

As you become more conscious and more confident in your ability to access, flow, and harmonize your own Vital Energies, you'll see important changes in consciousness, well being, and in the alignment of your inner and outer lives.

How does this process begin? With The 12 Vital Energies™, a holographic wellness model drawn from ancient Taoist understandings, 20+ years of professional healing arts practice and a lifetime of multisensory intuition and Spirit work.

Each month, I provide 3+ complimentary group energy clearings using The 12 Vital Energies™ Methodology, plus two monthly calls - a call discussing the Vital Energy of the Month, plus a group meditation call to support you in developing deeper physical and spiritual awareness of your innate Vital Energies.

These monthly calls and clearings are offered freely as part of the emerging Gift Economy, a humane, equitable, and sustainable economy based in loving relationship. This work is gifted to you without demand or expectation.


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